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Hello and welcome to my small corner of the internet.


I'm Ant and I work with various publishers, editors, illustrators, marketers, and most especially writers, to get manuscripts into shape and get books into print. Bridestone Consulting is my own business which I run with the help of a small band of fellow book lovers.


We are ready and waiting to help you with any literary matter. So, whether you're a novelist, poet or non-fiction writer, you'll find a full range of services here that can help you get your book started, edited, finished and published. We can also help out with marketing - we have lots of contacts and contractors who can get your work where people can see it... and buy it.

So, whatever stage in your project you're at, we can help you get the results that you want; we can also provide mentoring if you've hit a rough patch in your writing or even if you just have a desire to write but don't really know how to start. We provide a free initial consultation for all new prospective clients without any obligation, so please email or call us - even just for a chat if you like!

Some examples of books we've worked on...
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Some examples of books we've produced ourselves at Bridestone...
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Literary Services



Our editing services are designed for authors who have already done their second draft and now need a professional set of eyes to make any necessary corrections.

Our editing services comprise several options which can be chosen on a menu basis. 

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Some people get confused about the difference between editing and proofreading, but in reality, the two are quite different.

Proofreading is the last, final check before your novel is submitted to an agent or publisher.


So, if your novel has already been edited, maybe by a friend/family member or another consultancy, you just need a professional to simply read it and point out any remaining minor typographical errors - that's proofreading.

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We find many people who get stuck at the very beginning of the novel-writing process and need a helping hand in laying out the plot, developing their characters, or some other aspect.


Our mentoring service is designed to help new writers make a start. So, if you have a great idea but no idea how to move forward, then this is for you.

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Many people choose the self-publishing model these days, and those authors who do will necessarily need to do all of their own marketing, as there is no publisher to do it for them.


We have found many successful, cost-effective methods of selling books, and we can design bespoke marketing campaigns for pretty much any genre that will have a good chance of being successful.

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A consultancy report covers everything a basic report does, but goes into far more detail. It may tell you the characters are not well developed enough, that your descriptions are over-long and dull, or that something in the plot makes no sense.


This report also assesses what the chances of finding an agent or publisher are, and makes suggestions regarding your best way to market.

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Initial consultations are always free and without obligation


Please feel free to get in touch with us by email, phone or using the form below. We will be happy to discuss any or all of our services with you in complete confidence and without any obligation on your part.

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